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At L.A. Preferred Cleaning, we have a team of experienced and dedicated individuals who specialize in office cleaning, janitorial cleaning, maintenance, and post-construction cleaning. We put in a lot of consideration while carrying out these tasks to ensure that the best and most adept individuals find can help you sort out your cleaning troubles.


L.A. Preferred Cleaning is a multipurpose cleaning service that assists clients with commercial and domestic cleaning. Ever since the creation of our company, we’ve worked closely with numerous clients throughout L.A. and nearby areas. We have a team of experienced and friendly professionalswho work tirelessly to help clients achieve their cleaning goals, using the latest and high quality equipment.

We follow a strict schedule to make sure each of our projects iscompleted efficiently and on time. L.A. Preferred Cleaning stands by its motto of professionalism, excellence, and timeliness, to deliver the best quality of work to our clients and form lasting relationships with them.


At L.A. Preferred Cleaning, our clients can avail multiple cleaning services as per their needs. Whether it’s a small job or an extensive one, our professionals will deliver their best throughout.

Cleaning Services

If you need to take care of your building’s cleanliness, we can take care of it for you! Our team at L.A. Preferred Cleaning knows exactly what our clients are looking for and caters the cleaning process around their schedule and comfort.


Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we strive to provide a service we’re proud of. Whatever maintenance requirements you may have can be met by our team at L.A. Preferred Cleaning,and we’ll work around the clock to fulfill your requested tasks quickly and efficiently.  Don’t worry about the details and precision; our team will take extra care to achieve those at affordable prices!

Post-Construction Cleaning

If you’ve just gone through a major or minor renovation or development at your building or your home, then we can help take care of the messy aftermath for you! Our team will step in once the subcontractors and laborers have completed the job, cleared out the premises, and have taken their equipment with them. This is when the professionals at L.A. Preferred Cleaning will clean out the site and cleaning and prepare the property as a fresh, clean space.