Residential Cleaning: 4 Situations You Cannot Manage DIY

DIY house cleaning solutions are all the rage today. They’re cheap, convenient, and often quite effective. However, there are certain situations that require professional residential cleaning and cannot be resolved on your own.

Deep Cleaning

Got a huge dinner party coming up? Are your relatives coming over to stay with you for an extended period? You don’t want your guests left unimpressed by your house’s cleanliness!

This calls for a deep cleaning of your home which only professionals can do. In order for your house to look effortlessly spotless, you need a team of cleaning experts by your side to tidy up every nook and corner of your residence and leave it spick and span. With deep cleaning service comes special attention to detail including aspects you most likely wouldn’t have even considered. For instance, in addition to the regular dusting, washing, and scrubbing, it’ll also include individual cleaning of particular items such as the inside of your cabinets or the inner surface of the lampshade, along with thorough sanitization. They don’t call it deep cleaning for nothing!

Window Cleaning

If you live in a double storey house, then you can attest to how much of a challenge cleaning your upper floor windows can be. You may be able to wipe the dust off from the interior surface, but cleaning the exteriors is another story altogether. Climbing on to the roof or balancing yourself on a narrow ledge outside doesn’t exactly spell safety, and can be a downright dangerous task. Similarly, for windows that are out of reach, for instance those too close to the ceiling, are also difficult to clean.

The good news is, you don’t need to leave them dirty and dusty forever! Hiring a team of professional cleaners will resolve this issue and have your window glass looking good as new. No more risking falling off tall ladders or pulling a muscle while contorting in an odd position to clean your windows!

Window Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

We’ve all heard the old vinegar spray hack for removing stains and grime from various surfaces. While this is often an effective option for quickly getting minor stains off linen and other fabric, it’s still a temporary fix. Moreover, DIY cleaners such as vinegar, baking soda, and dishwashing liquids aren’t suitable for all types of fabric, and can actually cause further damage.

When it comes to preserving your furniture fabric, you need professionals to take care of it for you. Using high-quality cleaning products, they’ll easily get rid of the odors, dirt marks, and stains on your sofas and chairs, leaving them spotless. With the right type of solvents and chemicals specifically geared towards upholstery cleaning, you won’t have to worry about damaging your furniture fabric!

Post-Renovation Cleaning

If you’ve just had some construction work done at your residence, you’re in dire need for professional house cleaning. For renovation projects, especially those involving major construction work or alterations, it’s necessary to have the place thoroughly cleaned before the fumes and dust settle in.

DIY cleaning simply won’t do! Professional cleaners will arrive at your doorstep to truly give your place the makeover it deserves by taking care of all the mess created. They’ll employ specific cleaning strategies to effectively remove all the rubble, dust, and odors from your newly renovated space to make it appear just the way you envisioned!

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