Spills & Smells: How to Keep Your Office Kitchen Squeaky Clean

From brewing coffee to chatting about important business ideas, your office kitchen is a crucial place for office engagement. But with so much foot traffic, it’s only natural that there may be a couple of coffee spills here and there. However, a dirty kitchen pleases no one.

Wondering how you can ensure your office kitchen stays clean and tidy?

Here are our top recommendations!

Have a Kitchen Policy in Place

If your office kitchen doesn’t have a policy in place, begin by implementing one. A proper office kitchen policy will ensure everyone knows what’s expected of them. Though difficult to follow at first, an office kitchen policy will ensure your kitchen stays clean no matter what time of the day it is. As a rule of thumb, any office kitchen policy should outline dish washing guidelines, microwave etiquettes, countertops cleaning rules and cooking protocol.

You should also put up signs around the office to remind employees about the new policy. For instance, have a sign on the fridge about taking out perishable food before it expires. In short, bring your employees on board for keeping your kitchen clean and disinfected. This way everyone will feel a sense of shared responsibility.

Treat the Spills Right Away

Make it a habit to treat spills as soon as they happen. Whether you have carpeted flooring or a tiled one, spills can wreak havoc on your kitchen. If you don’t treat spills in a timely manner, it can foster the growth of bacteria and mold in your office carpets. Not only that, spilled food can also give way to permanent odor in your office.

So encourage your employees to clean the spills right away instead of putting them off. Instruct your janitorial staff to use cleaning disinfectants to sanitize the area of the spill properly. This will prevent your kitchen flooring from getting musty over time.

Stock Your Kitchen with Appropriate Cleaning Tools

Appropriate Cleaning Tools

Your office kitchen can’t really be clean if there are no cleaning tools in sight. Stock your kitchen with the right cleaning supplies. Buy dish washing soap, surface cleaner, micro-fiber cloths, sponges and paper towels. A kitchen well-stocked with cleaning supplies will encourage your employees to clean up after themselves.

Keeping your office kitchen clean isn’t always the easiest or the simplest of tasks. Even if you and your employees practice good kitchen cleaning habits, dust and grime can still accumulate in hard-to-reach areas.

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