The Glamour of Beverly Hills

From the Art Deco-styled buildings to landmarks conceptualized in the vision of modernism, Beverly Hills is home to some of the finest buildings in the region. As someone who has an eye for the finer things in life, you’ll find yourself marveling at the flawless beauty of these decades-old structures.

Thinking about visiting some of the most iconic buildings in Beverly Hills? Here are the top 3 masterpieces.

The Stahl House

If you’re a fan of Hollywood, chances are you’re well-acquainted with the Stahl House. Built in the 1950s, this house features as a prominent filming location for big Hollywood blockbusters and fashion shows.

The iconic house that’s built in the modernist style was conceptualized as a result of breaking away from the established architectural norms. If you ever get the chance to tour this beauty, you’ll notice that all the intricate details, from to the glass to wall ceiling, are well-maintained.

The Beverly Hills City Hall

An iconic building is the byproduct of a thorough, routine cleaning. After all, you can’t have a glistening, majestically towering building without the hard work of routine cleaning services!

As someone who’s part of the LA scene, you’re probably no stranger to this oldest yet pristine building in the city. Built in 1932 by William Gage, the Beverly Hills City Hall emulates the Spanish Renaissance period with its tiled dome and cupola.

If you ever visit this building, you’ll notice how carefully the architectural details of this place have been maintained. From the marble walls to intricate ceilings, every little detail about this building’s in proper shape due to the regular, thorough cleaning.

The Schindler House

Beverly Hills is home to many architectural masterpieces, conceptualized at the crossroads of architectural innovation and social theory. If you’re craving to see one-of-a-kind masterpiece in the city, then the Schindler House is your best bet!

This house was built in 1922 and emulates a distinct architectural style with its heavy emphasis on communal living and the fusion of indoor and outdoor elements. Today, you can see this masterpiece in all its glory by booking a tour of the place. Here, you’ll be surprised to find that all the details of the house have been carefully maintained for the curious gaze of the visitor.

How To Get Your Buildings Professionally Cleaned In Beverly Hills

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